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Mezco announces a pair of 5 Points Godzilla box sets

Mezco Toyz’ retro-themed 5 Points line is exploding as of late, and now adds the classic Godzilla license. Two new box sets are on the way.

5 Points of action

For the uninitiated, “5 Points” is a new line from Mezco Toyz, makers of the awesome One:12 Collective. Unlike that super-detailed, high level line though, the 5 Points lineup is retro-themed. Like some other lines that are popping up right now, these are made to look and feel like the classic action figures of the 80s. And yes, they’re complete with 5 points of articulation.

So far the company has debuted pre-orders for the likes of Batman ’66, Popeye, and a Superman set that looks to be ripped right from the iconic Fleisher cartoons. Now you can add another announcement, with classic Godzilla.

A duo of box sets are joining the line, both themed around Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters. The sets include 4 kaiju each, plus a bevy of accessories. But they differ from all of the above mentioned figures in a big way.

Unlike the usual 5 Points 3.75″ figures, these are a part of an offshoot line called 5 Points XL. While sizes aren’t listed across all of the figures included, we do know that Godzilla himself will be 4.5 inches tall. So these are some beefy little monsters.

Both sets are scheduled to ship out this winter, some time from this November through January of ’22. Each one will run you $85 USD, and they’re up for pre-order right now.

Scroll down for the details.


  • Godzilla – King of the Monsters! Godzilla comes with a pair of alternate arms, an alternate head portrait, and his signature atomic breath FX that attaches to one of his head portraits. 
  • Mothra – The giant moth goddess is depicted in her larval stage. Mothra comes with a web FX that attaches to her mouth.
  • Anguirus – Friend or foe? This five-brained burrowing Kaiju comes with an alternate closed-mouth head portrait.
  • Rodan – Irradiated Pteranodon and flying menace! Rodan comes with an alternate closed-mouth head portrait.


  • Two (2) pairs of Godzilla arms
  • Two (2) Godzilla head portraits
  • One (1) Godzilla atomic breath FX
  • One (1) Mothra web FX
  • Two (2) Anguirus head portraits
  • Two (2) Rodan head portraits
  • Two (2) display bases


  • King Ghidorah – This three-headed space dragon is also Godzilla’s arch-enemy! King Ghidorah comes with three gravity beam FX that can attach to his three head portraits.
  • Minilla – son of Godzilla. Minilla comes with alternate arms, an alternate head portrait, and his signature atomic smoke ring FX that attaches to his head portrait… he’s still working out the whole atomic breath thing. 
  • Gorosaurus – The giant dinosaur that utilizes a leaping kick attack, similar to that of a kangaroo. 
  • Baragon – A four-legged, horned dinosaur-like creature. Baragon is known to leap long distances, burrow deep into the ground, and use his head to get his point across. Baragon comes with an alternate head portrait and an alternate pair of legs.


  • Two (2) Baragon head portraits
  • One (1) pair of Baragon legs
  • Three (3) King Ghidorah gravity beam FX
  • Two (2) Minilla head portraits
  • Two (2) pairs of Minilla arms
  • One (1) Miniilla atomic smoke ring FX
  • Four (4) display bases

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