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DC FanDome: Gotham Knights game puts players in the boots of the Bat-Family

The Batman is no more? With Bruce Wayne seemingly killed, it’s up to the Bat-Family to protect Gotham in a brand new co-op-friendly action game.

Dawn of the Knights

It’s been a while since gamers have been able to delve into the darkened corners of Gotham City, but thanks to WB Montreal, they’re about to get another shot. This time though, there’s no Batman to play as.

No, Gotham Knights doesn’t take place in the “Arkham” universe (that’s Suicide Squad), but it does share that story element. Oh uh, spoiler alert I guess, if you didn’t finish Batman: Arkham Knight.

In any event, it looks as though Bruce Wayne has been killed at the top of Gotham Knights. And from there, it’s up to his team to take the reigns and guard against the city’s deadliest. Well, that and presumably find out what’s really happened to the Batman.

Gotham Knights is looking familiar, but also very different. Though some of the game absolutely seems to borrow from WB Montreal’s own Batman: Arkham Origins, there are huge differences from that series. Just take a look at Red Hood’s pistols, or Robin’s teleportation for proof of that.

Here’s a deeper look at the gameplay:

Pumped for Gotham Knights? The game should be hitting some time next year.

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