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Check out the world, story and characters of Wasteland 3 in new dev diary

The 2nd chapter of the Wasteland 3 diary series sees inXile chatting about the game’s narrative elements, including the world and its characters.

Populated wasteland

The actual wasteland in Wasteland 3 isn’t sparse from the looks of things. Alive and kicking, human (and… additional) life is all over the post-apocalyptic world that the game will serve up to players.

In the second of three developer diary videos that the team at inXile has created, we get a good look at that. Not that the characters are all that you’ll see in today’s sneak peek. Fans can also get a feel for the game’s world itself. Don’t forget an outline of the story that you’ll be playing through in this turn-based, strategy RPG either. That’s here too.

Was… that a big daddy? Well at the very least, it was a reasonable facsimile. Though that probably should be too shocking. InXile seems to have loaded Wasteland 3 up with tons of cool little details.

Those details include the options you’ll have too. There are some tantalizing little tidbits dropped in the above video, about where you can take the campaign’s story. It’s got a very open feel to it overall. And the game also reacts to what you’re doing and who you’re allied with as you play. Cool stuff that should really change things up for multiple play-throughs.

The final diary will be along soon, and Wasteland 3 itself is expected for the Xbox One and the PS4 on August 28th.

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