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Play Valfaris right now, in your browser with new streaming tech

Publisher Big Sugar’s running and gunning blast-a-thon Valfaris has a new demo, and it’s one that you can play right in your web browser.

Browsing a demo

We just told you about Big Sugar’s Valfaris/Slain double pack, and now there’s more news about 2019’s excellent little indie shooter. Not only does the game have a free demo, but it’s playable right from your internet browser. That might sound a little off, but it’s all due to something called Nuuvem.

You might not be familiar with that name, depending on what part of the world you live in. Nuuvem is one of Latin America’s biggest digital game stores though, and what they’ve cooked up here is pretty awesome.

Basically, via their online tech, you can “play, share, and embed” game demos as simply as you would a YouTube video. All in all, that should make it much easier for indie games to get a heck of a lot more attention, not to mention players.

Coming courtesy of Nuuvem, the leading digital game store in Latin America, the demo takes advantage of cutting edge ’embedded gaming’ web tech, allowing it to be freely shared and embedded, exactly like a YouTube video. It’s an innovation that allows for an unprecedented reach for gaming content. The demo runs directly in the browser at full speed. No installations, extensions, or launchers are required.

Big Sugar

Want to try it out? Click here to play. Just be aware, it looks like Nuuvem’s technology isn’t quite 100% inclusive when it comes to browsers. Firefox and Chrome will work just fine, but anything else is unsupported right now.

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