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PS5 controller revealed, meet the Dual Sense

We know a lot about the Xbox Series X, but Sony’s PS5 has been a bit more mysterious. Now though, we have a look at the controller, the Dual Sense.

Sensing a change

Tired of all the PlayStation controllers looking similar? Looking for more of a change than just a tacked-on touchpad? Well you have your wish my friends. The Dual Sense is here. Or… it will be here at any rate.

Today Sony revealed the controller in a surprise Tweet that included imagery and a link to a bit more info about what’s a fairly radical change of pace. And yes, that goes for more than just the two-toned look and the new lighting effects.

According to Sony, the Dual Sense will be able to ‘sense’ and translate what’s happening in a game, so that you an actually feel it. The idea is that the DS can produce an array of feelings to the gamer, with the example being driving a car through muddy terrain.

More new features

In that same vein as the “sense”, the controller will have adaptive L2 and R2 buttons. So when you draw your bow in a game, you’ll feel the tension of pulling that arrow back. Gimmicky? Yes. Though it could prove to be a neat little addition to some titles.

On top of the control options being added in, the Dual Sense will also offer a built in speaker for chat. I can’t imagine having a full-on conversation over a controller speaker, and neither can Sony. The company points out that that particular feature is more for quick convo’s than lengthy bull sessions.

Oh, and you might notice that the Share button is gone. Sony says not to worry, they’re building on that idea for something called the “Create” button. And they’ll have much more to say about that in due time.

Stay tuned for more PS fans, the PS5 hype machine is just getting started.

Source: Sony

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