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Doom Eternal’s launch trailer busts loose

Doom Eternal is finally hitting stores this week, and to celebrate you can rip and tear into a launch trailer packed full of insane looking action.

Welcome home, great Slayer

If you’re a Doom fan, then this is your week. Doom Eternal arrives at long last, and brings with it a monster of a new adventure.

In Doom Eternal, Bethesda and id Software have brought hell to Earth. This doesn’t, in any way, look like a retelling of Doom II though. Doom Eternal has battles across “heaven and hell”, as well as tons of new elements including those massive titans.

It also seems like we’ll be getting a lot more information as to the Slayer himself, and his nature. After all, we still don’t really know what he actually is. I should mention too though, that even with all that, this launch trailer stars exactly what Doom is all about – action.

Have you pre-ordered a copy? If you haven’t, there’s still time, and there are some actually good incentives if you do. Pre-ordering Doom Eternal nets you not only a copy of the game, but also a digital copy of Doom 64 (for whatever platform you pre-order for) and the rip and tear pack. That includes a ‘Doot’ Revenant skin, a “throwback” skin for your shotgun in the game, and a bonus campaign called “Master Level”.

Of course, the Deluxe Edition includes a lot more than that, but the above can be had just for pre-ordering a basic copy of the game. So pick your poison there.

Doom Eternal arrives for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia this Friday, March 20th. A Nintendo Switch version will be along at some point too, but has no release date just yet.

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