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Toy Fair 20: Diamond showcases Mondo, Weta, McFarlane and more

Lots to see in the Diamond booth at Toy Fair, including big names like McFarlane and Mezco, as well as couture companies like Mondo.

A Diamond in the rough

Diamond Select Toys is probably best known, as a name, as the makers of the “Select” lines of action figures. But the company that they get their name from is something else almost entirely.

Diamond is a distributor of some monster brands. They offer goods from huge toy companies sell those items to both comic book and specialty stores. If you’ve ever seen Previews Magazine in your local shop, that’s them. I used to live for this magazine back in the 90s, so I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

And while we’ll have an exploration of the lines that they themselves are prepping soon, we also wanted to show off some of the awesome stuff that Previews will have within its pages from other toy makers. Below you’ll find galleries with a good deal of the highlights that the booth had on display.


Mondo had their awesome new 12″ scale Man-at-Arms from Masters of the Universe, as well as their 12″ Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series, and an incredible new assortment of little monsters along the lines of Madballs called Mondoids. That one includes two Doom characters that few collectors are going to want to miss.


There were actually a few new items from McFarlane Toys’ DC Comics line in the booth at Diamond. Those were two Wonder Woman figures, a standard comic Diana and a Golden Eagle armored version from the new movie.

These looked great, and were displayed along with a selection of the current figures, out on the shelves now.

1000 Toys

While 1000 Toys might not be a name that you know right off the bat, it’s one that you might want to become familiar with. The high end company had some incredible figures on display, including Halo’s Master Chief, Power Armor from the Fallout series, Hellboy and Abe Sapien, and Cuphead!


Yes, we already showed you a ton of Mezco’s One:12 Collective figures last week, but there was even more in the Diamond booth. These are all variant figures, exclusive to Previews Magazine, which means that you can only get them at comic and specialty shops.

A few are pretty awesome too, basically presenting completely new versions of classic heroes and villains.


Not just a house of movie-magic, Weta has an awesome consumer line of props, statues, and more. They don’t show them very much outside of Comic Con’s and such events, but they make some awesome stuff.

At the Diamond booth, they were showing their line of Lord of the Rings Mini-Epics. Those are small scale statues, perfect for living alongside your DVD or Blu Ray collection, or sitting on top of your desktop.

As you’ll see too, it’s getting to be quite the expansive line.

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