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Dark Horse kicks off Starcraft replica line

Blizzard’s Starcraft is heading to shelves everywhere soon, courtesy of Dark Horse. The company has revealed its Terran Battlecruiser replica.

Crafting a fleet

There isn’t a ton of Starcraft stuff out there, and honestly that might be putting it mildly. There are a few figures from NECA, some scattered SD stuff and little ‘cutesy’ items, and that’s about it. At least, I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

Now you can add something else to the list though, and it might be the coolest item yet – a mini ship replica. Dark Horse will be doing the honors, and they know what they’re doing.

They’ve made a habit of these after all, with replicas for ships from both Mass Effect and Halo. They usually do a great job with them, crafting relatively small and highly-detailed miniatures that don’t break the bank.

The Terran Battlecruiser is their first offering as goes Starcraft, and it’s looking great in this preview image. With game-accurate detailing and a cool base, this little guy is 6″ in length, and made from polyresin.

There hasn’t been an announcement made as to whether fans should expect more just yet, but if Halo is any indication then they probably should. As for the Battlecruiser though, it’ll be heading to stores on October 21st of this year, and will run you $59.99 USD.

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  1. This Battlecruiser looks really cool! Jason, can you keep us posted on news of whether there will be more StarCraft vehicle models from this line?

    I’ve always wanted little replicas of StarCraft units, haha. It would be great if Dark Horse would also make replicas for other flying units like the Wraith, Banshee, Viking, Scout, Corsair, Phoenix, etc.

    A dream situation would’ve been if a more mass-producing brand like Mattel/Hot Wheels did for StarCraft what they’ve done for Halo and Star Wars vehicles: slightly smaller models that only cost $5 to $10 each (so that even fans with modest budgets can acquire a whole collection). But that will probably never happen. =(

    The Blizzard website also has an exclusive, more expensive variant of this model from Dark Horse: a Battlecruiser of the Knights of Tyrador faction.

    I really wish Dark Horse would make the Hyperion as a variant (with the Raynor’s Raiders logos); it’s the most important and most featured Battlecruiser in the games!

  2. That is a dream situation indeed dog! I’d love to see a more expansive line of starships (etc) from Starcraft that’s maybe smaller, but much cheaper. I think you’re right on target though, in that it’s not gonna happen. I wanted the same thing for the Halo ships and we never got that either, even though Halo was a beast of a license for quite a while.

    I have a couple of the DHC Halo ships though, and they are really nice quality. Look great on a shelf. So if they’re anything to go by I think this one should be worth a look too, especially if you’re a big fan.

    Oh and rest assured, if we get more on this line, we’ll let you know!

  3. Ah cool! I haven’t seen Dark Horse’s ships in person before, so I wasn’t sure about how these kinds of replicas are in hand. So thanks for the info about their quality so far! Are the Dark Horse ship models also sold in physical stores (like specialty/comic shops), or are they only sold online? Just want to find out my buying options for this ship. =)

    But yes, I’m a big fan of StarCraft 1 and 2! The first one had a big effect on my imagination as a kid in the 90s, while Part 2 was a very pleasant surprise for me as an adult with how it was mostly about reaching closure — almost two decades later. xD That ending cutscene still makes me cheer, hahaha.

  4. Wow I completely lost track of that thread Dog, sorry about that! The comment system we have is a stinker lol Anyway, if you haven’t seen it already, these are indeed sold in stores, usually of the ‘comic book’ or ‘specialty’ variety. Also we just posted news of a Zerg ship that’s 15″ long. So if you’ve been collecting these bad boys, get ready for that!

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