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Marvel’s Ravencroft book arriving later this month

Making its run at its own “Arkham” is Marvel Comics, with its new Ravencroft book. Visit the world of the “Criminally Insane” later this month.

The asylum is open

When you think of prisons for the criminals insane, you don’t really think of anything in the Marvel Universe. That’s the realm of DC, and Batman’s Gotham City facility, Arkham Asylum.

Marvel is looking to change that though, with a new book that takes a darker path. That of course, is Ravencroft: Institute for the Criminally Insane.

The publisher promises secrets revealed, and a “sinister” story from writer Frank Tieri and artist Angel Unzueta, for a first issue dawning this month.

“What we’ll learn in this event is that the original Ravencroft predates the one we know, that the very land itself that the site was built upon is soaked in blood. That there are connections to people, organizations, and events throughout Marvel history that were previously undisclosed. That in many cases, it can be said that Ravencroft is a site where evil was birthed in the Marvel U.

It all leads up to the five-issue RAVENCROFT limited series, which will see a new Ravencroft rise from the ashes…along with all the good—and yes, the bad—that’ll come with it.

You have been warned, kids…”

Frank Tieri

So it sounds like there’ll be a little retconning happening here, and an overall more serious tone set than what you might be used to from Marvel.

Issue #1 of Ravencroft: Institute for the Criminally Insane lands on the racks this January the 29th.

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