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January’s PS+ games include a Drake and a goat

It’s a good month for Sony gamers with a total of four free games for the PS4. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator are free.

Very different adventures

I don’t think you can get too much different than Uncharted and Goat Simulator. Well, other than the fact that both IPs star charismatic heroes, and that they’re both free this month for PS+ subscribers.

Headlining the offerings slate is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. If you passed on this one previously, it’s a collection of the first three Uncharted games’ campaigns. So that means that all the gunplay, adventuring, and climbing (…) from those modern classics are tucked neatly into one tidy package.

From the groundbreaking storytellers at Naughty Dog, comes the genre-defining epic that revolutionized adventure storytelling, rebuilt by Bluepoint Games with the power of the PS4 system. Follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across the globe, from humble beginnings to extraordinary discoveries. Meet an unforgettable cast of characters as Drake puts life and friendship on the line in a race against ruthless enemies to uncover unimaginable treasure.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection includes the single-player campaigns only for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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And now for something completely different!

Yes, that’d be Goat Simulator. I can’t say I’m too familiar with this one, but there are legions of gamers out there who are, and have enjoyed what looks to be a completely insane title.

Ready for some Goat shenanigans?

The title says it all, really. Hurl an immaculately rendered goat with blisteringly accurate physics at all manner of objects. It’s the definitive goat simulation experience.

Oh — actually, it’s a totally bonkers fling-em-up that has you launching a goat at things. A lot of things. Experiment and see what happens!

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Both of the above are available on January 7th as free downloads if you have a PS+ subscription. They’ll be so till the 3rd of February. Since they don’t go free until the 7th too, that gives you a few more days to grab December 2019’s free games, the excellent Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Game.

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