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Sci-fi meets dinosaurs in new Megazoic book series

What if dinosaurs were more than what we’ve always thought? What if they had a complex society and were heavily armed? Find out in Megazoic.

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It is Earth’s ancient past, and dinosaurs rule the world. But these aren’t the beasts that we’ve always thought them to be. Nope, in author Matthew Donald’s Megazoic dino’s are a dominant species in the mold of humanity itself. And they’re at war.

At four volumes deep, Megazoic is a young adult-tilted series that sounds pretty cool indeed. It just might be the first time that this angle has been featured in something too, since there are usually humans around in dino-centric tales.

Here’s the official rundown of the four books available now:

  • In the first installment Megazoic, the late Cretaceous civilization, the Laurasian Empire, has been at war with the Tyranneon Kingdom for fifteen years. When Laurasian citizen Kortan the Sinraptor decides to study the mysterious Tyranneon technology that gives them their power, the Tyranneons launch a surprise attack on a Laurasian city and take his best friend, Belar, captive, causing Kortan to feel massive guilt. Enlisting the help of the Psi Squad, one of the worst-ranked squads in the Laurasia Corps but also the only one available, Kortan ventures deep into Tyranneon territory to save his friend, while the rest of the Corps has their own plans.
  • In Megazoic: The Primeval Power, the Late Cretaceous has become even weirder than before, rife with sword-wielding, ghostly and witch dinosaurs. Eight months have passed since the fall of the Tyranneon Kingdom. While the Laurasia Corps helps other nations fight the last remnants of their longtime enemy, Kortan develops all sorts of nifty new tech for his nation’s soldiers and often accompanies them in battle.Kortan realizes his skills with technology might be useless against this mysterious new foe Therizinosaurus but as she plans to summon a super-powerful army of dinosaurs from an older civilization to ravage the planet and kill everyone he loves, he better learn how to fight her fast.
  • Meanwhile in Megazoic: The Hunted Ones, for eighty million years, Zulgaran has plagued the dinosaurs of the world. Centuries earlier with unknown motives, he rebirthed a species from his own era and dubbed them Elderkind. Suddenly, Elderkindis being targeted for relocation, mass internment, and eventual termination. As a Sinraptor, Kortan is an Elderkind species and is captured. After escaping and being deemed a fugitive, he realizes he needs to take action against Zulgaran.
  • In the final installment, Megazoic: An Era’s End, life goes on and the Cretaceous Period is about to end with a bang. The world recovers from Zulgaran’s last attack. Nine years have passed since his horrific culling, and the great dinosaur cities have become mighty fortresses. Life goes on. Hatchlings grow. Relationships build. While losses are not forgotten, society marches forward regardless. A titanic final battle will soon take place, one that will forever shift the future of the planet.

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