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Marvel teases something new is “Incoming!”

What is “Incoming!”, and why is seemingly the entire Marvel Universe involved with it? Whatever it is, it’s on the way for December 26th.

What are you waiting for…

Something is coming to the Marvel Universe the day after Christmas, Thursday December 26th. That, by the way, is new comics day for that week this year, since Christmas falls on a Wednesday.

Just what Incoming! is though, is anyone’s guess. Marvel has released a series of teasers for the event-to-be, each one including a clue to what the company is calling a “puzzle”. The trick is to figure out the answers before the heroes of the Marvel U do.

From the looks of things too, there are going to be a heck of a lot of superheroes involved in whatever this is. Check out the roster spread out across these posters:

One interesting note, is that Spider-Man isn’t on any of these images.

There was a rumor not long ago that the Spidey of the main 616 Marvel U (or whatever it is now) wouldn’t be around much longer. Looking at the above, it’s very easy to imagine that’s what’s coming.

You’ve got an angered Miles Morales, and a morgue scene with a few of Spider-Man’s closest allies. In that scene too, the corpse on the table seems to be caucasian.

Could Incoming! be the end of Peter Parker? If it is, it’s most assuredly just one part of the event. The rest of the imagery is pretty interesting as well. There’s an alliance of Magneto, Apocalypse, and Xavier in there after all.

I’m sure we’ll have much more on Incoming! in the weeks to come …and we’ll probably get a teaser with Spider-Man all over it tomorrow, completely blowing my theory to pieces. Stay tuned.

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