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Redeemer: Enhanced Edition (Xbox One) Review

The Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is a fun adventure full of redemption and revenge. From BUKA Entertainment, this classic overhead beat’em up, has a simple premise, simple execution, but packs a lot of exciting gameplay.

Premise Of Redeemer

Redeemer is set in a world where cybernetic enhancements are a common occurrence. This is Vasily’s story and when we first meet him, he is peaceful monk living in a mountain monastery. Vasily came to the monastery more than two decades ago, but no one has asked about his past. Instead, the other monks accept him with open arms.

What started off as another simple day, quickly turned into death and devastation. It seems as though Vasily’s past had finally caught up with him.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition
Vasily’s past shows up on his doorstep

Vasily use to be a mercenary for hire before he became a monk. It turns out Vasily preferred to keep his human form intact, while his colleagues were busy being fitted with cybernetic enhancements. The group he used to work for was none too happy with Vasily’s decision and decided it was time to put an end to Vasily.

Vasily has different plans and decided to cause a little ruckus before he ran off. Well now his old teammates are back and they brought a rather large group of enhanced baddies.

Redeemer: Check out these new kicks

Redeemer Gameplay

Gameplay in Redeemer is rather simple. There is a kick button, a punch button, a dodge button and finally, the execution button. Players are encouraged to find different combos between the kick and punch buttons. When an enemy is almost dead, a skull icon will prompt the player to perform an execution.


Players are encouraged to use the environment for added carnage. See a set of blades, then grab an enemy and throw them through the grinder. There are a number of additional environmental interactions to find throughout the campaign. All this senseless violence will help with Vasily’s progression.

The progression system in Redeemer is fairly simple. Players can choose between leveling up Vasily’s punches and kicks, melee weapons or guns. As the player accumulates more kills, they will gain points that will provide an extra bonus to one of the three items. Early points in Vasily’s kicking will create a new combo move while the final upgrade will introduce his fire kicks.

Got a light?

Redeemer Presentation

The presentation for Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is done really well. Aside from the rather drab colors, the overall experience is done really well. The levels are laid out well and are easy to navigate. The mixture of still graphics helps tell the story between levels. Lastly, the voice acting and sound effects are also well done. Overall, Redeemer is a great game and is highly recommended.

Redeemer: Overall

This is a violent game. There is a lot of guts and gore throughout this game. However, the environmental kills are satisfying and hilarious. Often times I found myself laughing at the ridiculousness of the over-the-top violence. Knowing how violent this game is means it is not for everyone. I would still recommend this game to my fellow gamers as the gameplay and story are a great experience.

A copy of this game was provided by the developer.


Premise - 85%
Gameplay - 93%
Presentation - 88%



The Redeemer is a story about redemption and revenge with a heavy emphasis on revenge.

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