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Joe Golem: The Conjurors #1 (Comics) Preview

Dark Horse Comics’ occult detective is back… or is he? Joe Golem isn’t doing well after being left for dead. But is he really gone for good?

The Golem stirs

I don’t know much about Joe Golem: Occult Detective from Dark Horse and creators Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. That’s probably fair to say about a few comics fans I presume, since Golem is one of Mignola’s lesser known works.

Not that it doesn’t have fans, but when you’re best known for Hellboy, well everything else kind of pales in comparison. Every time I see a preview for something having to do with the PI though, I immediately want to dive into some back issues.

Joe Golem: Occult Detective – The Conjurors, from the above and penciler Peter Bergting, picks up finding Joe in a bad spot. Maybe the worst he’s ever been in from the looks of things. After all, it does involve him being shot and submerged, left for dead on some abandoned railroad tracks. That’s not great.

And yet, this is issue #1 of 5, so there’s definitely some kind of twist on the way. We have a hint as to what too, from the preview that Dark Horse has shared.

Check that out below, and then mark the old calendar for issue #1, landing on May the 15th.

Joe Golem is dead. Or is he? Simon Church is fading fast in the city above and Molly is held captive by Dr. Cocteau’s gas-men below, but something stirs in the tunnels. How much of the golem is still in the man, or the man in the golem? And can either be enough to stop Dr. Cocteau once he has the artifact he seeks?

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