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DC Comics reveals City of Bane

It’s already the Year of the Villain, and now DC has also hinted at another summer event. Batman is about to go to the City of Bane.

Do you feel in charge?

Bane is one of Batman’s greatest foes. Though he has been an ally on occasion, it’s never been all that comfortable of a situation. And I think the New 52/Rebirth era has pretty much erased all that anyway.

Currently, Bane is in Arkham. Now, traditionally he’s not been what you’d call insane, he’s just an evil guy. But Bane’s situation has changed, and he’s been left mentally scarred. Or, has he?

Batman was tipped off to a situation where Bane isn’t impeded at all. That he’s actually fooled everyone, and taken over the famed Asylum from the inside. And it’s there that he plots a takeover of Gotham, and the death of the Bat.

Thing is, he’s doing a pretty good job, and making Batman look even more unhinged that usual while he’s at it. The cops don’t trust him any more, Gordon and he are on the relative outs, and whatever Bane is up to simmers on the back burner.

But apparently, that won’t be the case for much longer. DC Comics has announced that, in conjunction with Year of the Villain, City of Bane is coming.

The event will be landing in stores this summer, but further info remains a mystery at present. From the title though, I think it’s safe to assume that Bane’s plans are very real, and he’s prepared to take the city for himself.

This is going to be a big one, so stay tuned. We’ll have more for you as it’s announced.

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