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The Sinking City asks: who was HP Lovecraft anyway?

Looking forward to Cthulhu-infused horror title The Sinking City, but don’t know who Lovecraft was? Watch this video and get some answers.

The Great Old… writer

You probably have some ideas about HP Lovecraft and his work if you’re a video game fan of any ilk. It’s been all over the place in the last few decades after all, so you’ve no doubt played something Lovecraft-inspired, or just read a review or preview of something. Actually, on a larger scale, you probably have some ideas about him if you’re a comic, movie, or pop culture fan of any scale. In pretty much all of those mediums, Lovecraft’s ideas have flourished when it comes to cosmic horror.

Those a lot of the intricacies of his life remain mostly unknown by casual or passing fans. And to that end, developer FrogWares has crafted a short look at the writer’s life and work history. If you don’t know, they’re working on an interesting looking Cthulhu title.

Called The Sinking City, the game seems like it mixes in a little more action than usual for these kinds of games. It’s also open-world, which is definitely a first for a Cthulhu adventure. It’s set to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21st, 2019.

As for the video, it isn’t anything too deep, pardon the pun, but it will give you a basis for working off of if you’d like to peer deeper into one of the strangest creators of the literary world.

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