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Tekken 7 expands its roster once again with Armor King and Marduk

Getting ever more impressive is Tekken 7’s roster of combatants. Tekken classic Armor King returns in the next round of DLC along with the bruiser Marduk.

Match set

Two of the Tekken universe’s wrestling superstars return in the latest series of downloadables for Tekken 7. Armor King has been around forever of course, so any fan should know him immediately. As for Marduk, he’s a little newer, but has a decent history as well. And both characters are apparently linked too.

And their grudge ain’t pretty.

The fates of jaguar-masked luchador Armor King and Vale Tudo-champion Marduk became forever intertwined when Marduk killed Armor King’s brother and wrestling partner—the original Armor King—in a bar fight during the events of TEKKEN 4. Since then, a violent rivalry has festered between them, with battles being waged both inside the ring and out; their most recent brawl left them hospitalized and unable to compete in the 7th King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Here’s a look at both fighters in action.

Both fighters are looking pretty cool there, though if Marduk can lift a car I’m not sure how much of a chance anyone has. And as you can see from those trailers, we finally have the last reveal from the new round of DLC. That’d be Julia, another classic Tekken fighter who’s making a return for Tekken 7’s post-launch.

Oh, yeah, and then there’s Negan too. But you knew that already.

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