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Spider-Man event “Spidergeddon” gets official teaser poster

Some of the mystery has been pulled from Marvel Comics’ Spidergeddon event, with a teaser image released today. Looks like more Spider-Verse incoming.


If you’re not aware, there’s an animated Spider-Verse movie coming up very shortly (this December). That film will include Spider-Man (natch’), Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and who know who else. The main hook though, outside of Morales’ first appearance in film, seems to be universe-hopping Spider-Men and Women. So honestly, it kind of makes sense that Marvel would be returning to the event called Spider-Verse in its comics line as well.

That series, which hit a few years back, took Spidey’s from multiple dimensions/times and teamed all of them up in a battle against one big baddie. From the teaser image release today, it looks like Spidergeddon is similar in theme. Though maybe a lot more dire in consequence.

I honestly hope that’s the case anyway. While I like some of the Spider-Man riffs that Marvel has developed over the years, there are just too many now. I’d love to see them whittled down to a select few… maybe none of which reside in the Marvel U proper.

In any event, at least we have some idea of what Spidergeddon will entail. I also feel the need to point out that including a Spider-Man Tsum-Tsum in this pic really kills all of its cool-factor. Even Spider-Hamm would have been better.



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