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E3 2018: EA talks Battlefield V, Anthem, and a even little new Star Wars

E3 2018 kicks off its major press conferences with a boom. EA talked up its latest Battlefield (with Royale mode), Anthem, Unravel 2, and even a little Star Wars.

As E3 press conferences go, EA’s was solid, though a little expected. There wasn’t too much that wasn’t already known, at least in some respects. And what we didn’t know about, like the new Star Wars title, was only mentioned and not really discussed. That excepting Unraveled 2 however, which is actually available right now.

Here’s the full stream of the event, if you feel like watching (if not skip to below the vid):

Battlefield Anthem

By far, the biggest impacts at this presser were Battlefield V and Anthem. And there are good reasons for that, with both looking spectacular. It’s hard not to get pumped for Anthem, even if you’re not a fan of multiplayer titles, since it just looks so freaking amazing.

Props for using Muse as the soundtrack there, to what’s an absolutely spectacular, cinematic look at Anthem. If you’d like to catch some actual gameplay of the game, then take a look through the stream above. Though I’ll warn you, it looks just as good as what you see above. Anthem will miss the holidays, landing on consoles and the PC this coming February.

As for Battlefield V, we’ve already explored a good deal of that in the last few weeks. The single player anyway. Today’s chat was all about the multi, and that includes a battle royale mode that’s sure to have Fortnight and PUBG players smiling.

As you can see, the multiplayer in BV is looking just as action-packed and insane as the campaign. And there’ll apparently be plenty to do too, with loads of scenarios and vehicles shown off in the trailer. Watch for this one to hit this coming October.

New announcements

Also announced at the event was a small spread of fresh games like Sea of Solitude, Command and Conquer Rivals, and Unravel 2.

Sea of Solitude is a very pretty game, which looks like it could be a sleeper with its imaginative world, and interesting premise. Basically, the lonelier a human becomes in the apocalyptic world of Sea, the more of a monster they become. The way back to humanity, is out there somewhere.

Watch for Sea of Solitude early next year.

Following up on that is Unravel 2, the sequel to the original platforming puzzle title. The hook this time around? Co-op. Oh, and it’s actually available right now.

Finally I suppose Command and Conquer Rivals is worth a mention. The game isn’t what you might be hoping for though. This is not a full on RTS, but instead a kind of streamlined version of the genre, meant to appeal to mobile gamers. Yeah.

You can pre-register for Rivals right now, if you’re an iOS owner.


It wouldn’t be an EA presser without a healthy sports component, and that’s just what we got today. Madden, NBA, and FIFA were all shown off. Oddly enough, NHL was a no show. And as usual, there’s no MLB title to be found. Have I mentioned lately how annoying it is that EA isn’t allowed to make an MLB game? No? Well now I have.

Enjoy the trailers.

A new way to game on PC

Aside from the actual games, EA also talked up a new way to use Origin. The PC gaming service will soon be offering something called Origin Access Premier. That’s a fancy name for an all you can play service, not unlike Microsoft’s Games Pass.

New games like Battlefield V will be a part of the service right from launch, with no wait period. You’ll also be able to play a total of over 100 games, including titles from partners like “Batman: Arkham Asylum, INSIDE, The Witness, and more”. Additionally, subscribers will get a 10% off bonus on any digital purchases.

Find out more about Origin Access Premier here.

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