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June Games with Gold: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, Smite, Sonic Racing, and More

The games for June’s Game with Gold have been announced. Xbox Gold Members will receive Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia and Smite for the Xbox One. Through the backward compatibility program, gold members will also receive Sonce & All-Stars Racing Transformed and LEGO Indiana Jones 2.

Go Fast With Sonic While Uncovering The Truth In Assassin’s Creed

The last chapter in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicle takes gamers to the snowy streets of Russia. Experience the great Revolution of 1917 in this sneaky 2.5D adventure starting on June 1st. Get ready to go fast with Sonic and all his all-star friends.

Sonic and his friends are taking it up a notch in Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed. Finally fed up with not being able to keep up, Sonic’s friends have decided to level the playing field. Race a dashing set of cars through a number of exciting tracks and try to bring Sonic down a notch. This month has a little of everything for every type of gamer. Rise up a as a god in the MOBA, SMITE.

SMITE Your Enemies While Exploring For Treasure With Dr. Jones

With all the popularity of Massive Online Battle Arena, it seems only fitting that Xbox Gold Members will be receiving SMITE starting on June 16th. Choose from 100 different gods, such as Thor, Ra, and Zeus. Players will receive a giant pack full of gods to choose from before going to battle. Lastly, players will have a chance to explore tombs and stop the Raiders of the Ark.

Experience the adventure of Indiana Jones in LEGOs. If there were one movie series that was lacking and needed to be given the LEGO makeover, it most certainly had to be Indiana Jones. Build your way through Raiders of the Lost Ark and get ready for a death-defying journey through cinematic excellence.


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