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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay chapter 1 (Comics) Preview

DC’s latest animated film is spinning out into a sequel comic with Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. The 12 issue series will be digital only, with the first chapter available right now.

Hell to Pay

Landing on digital distribution this week (on the 27th), the latest DC Comics animated film stars the Suicide Squad. With a mystical bent to it, the movie shares the “Hell to Pay” subtitle with the digital comic.

But this isn’t an adaptation of the film. Instead it’s a sequel, filling out the narrative further with the fallout from the movie’s tale. Chapter one of the 12 part series is available right now, and can be grabbed via ReadDC.com, comiXology.com, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and iTunes.

Here’s the preview from DC:

“Our story picks up immediately after the Hell to Pay animated film, and Waller is still on a personal mission to save her soul—and she’s willing to put the Suicide Squad through hell to do it,” says Parker. “This time, the Squad goes way out of their element and around the world to face supernatural and ancient forces—and yes, Harley is in there too!”

Amanda Waller’s Task Force X has completed another mission­—and in her opinion, the prize was worth the price they paid. But with the Spectre closing in to take Waller’s soul, she must find a new means of escaping death. Now looking to Jason Blood as a possible ally, Waller may face a revolt from her own team for this latest addition to the Squad. Is membership in the Suicide Squad really better than imprisonment at Belle Reve?

The weekly series will run for 12 chapters, written by Jeff Parker, beginning with illustrations from Matthew Dow Smith, with future chapters from artists Agustin Padilla, Stefano Raffaele and Cat Staggs.

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