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The BG Game of the Month for February 2018 is Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games’ femme fatale got a Nintendo redux last month for the Switch, with Bayonetta 2 (and 1) arriving. The semi-double pack snagged our Game of the Month pick, narrowly beating out a remake/remaster for the PS4.

Redone. Sort of.

Is Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch a remake? Is it a remaster? Honestly, I’m not too sure. The game, and it’s prequel which is also available, is more or less the same title that appeared on the Wii U a few years ago. The real upgrade I think, is that it’s on the Switch this time around, which is a massively popular console with a nice user base. If you’re somehow not aware, the Wii U was a monumental dud. So I think it’d be safe to assume that not all that many people played Bayonetta, who otherwise would have enjoyed it.

The Switch version of Bayonetta 2 is available in two flavors, and both of them pretty much get you the same thing. If you buy the boxed cartridge at retail, you get a download code for a digital copy of the original game. If you buy B2 on the Nintendo eShop however, you get it at a huge discount over retail- and both it and that first game are the same price. So it evens out. Though if you really just want Bayonetta 2, then digital is easily the way to go.

But either way, Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch is BG’s Game of the Month for February 2018.

Second by a hair

Get it? “By a hair”? ‘Cause Bayonetta uses her hair… to attack? Okay sorry.

Anyway, second by one vote this past month, is Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4. Not a favorite of mine from any generation, SotC has nonetheless been sort of a big hit since it first debuted on the PS2. It’s got legions of fans, and plenty of critical acclaim too. Look no further for signs of either of those things than that this PlayStation 4 edition is the second remake of the game. And it seems like Colossus is just going to keep on rolling, enrapturing fans both new and old.

There was also a second runner up for last month, though it garnered only one vote from our crew. And guess what? Yes, it’s also a remake/remaster/re-release.

It’s a game that I didn’t even realize was out yet – Age of Empires: Definitive Edition for the PC.

I’m a pretty massive fan of Age of Empires, and honestly I thought it looked great before. Though I’d be lying if I said it didn’t look even better now, in this remastered version. As long as it plays the same, I’m down for this like nobody’s business.

So there you have it, our games of the month for February. Three top notch titles for three separate platforms, all of which had been released in some form before. Kinda weird.

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