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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.:1955–Burning Season (Comic) Review

Hellboy investigates Port Orange in Florida, 1955, where a spate of spontaneous human combustions have plagued the area. The one-shot is a tight little tale that’s got artwork telling more than the story itself. It’s a good read and I believe it takes a more pacifist approach to usual Hellboy stories.


Hellboy, Susan and the Professor investigate Port Orange where innocent people have been going up in smoke. After looking at the scene of the most recent combustion, the Professor believes there is more to this supernatural mystery than meets the eye. The Professor’s research eventually discovers the dark secrets that form part of the region’s history that could be the key in stopping the combustions.


The plot was interesting and threw some twists in that I honestly wasn’t expecting. Susan and the Professor take more “comic-time” than Hellboy and personally I like seeing side characters have more presence and influence on outcomes than usual. It definitely is a spooky story and I did enjoy the ending very much.



Hellboy shows a bit of his endearing protective side when the Professor is in danger this issue. While he doesn’t talk much, his questions prompt the Professor and Susan to give exposition.


In this issue we see a younger professor who can become more involved and direct as part of the investigation. His research and speculations forms a huge portion of the story.


Susan is a stoic yet understanding woman with psychic powers capable of sensing spirits and seeing visions. She aids the team in their investigation and proves to be extremely helpful in solving the mystery.


The art is even more stunning than usual. The line art is especially detailed in some parts and the colors are just popping and really expressive. There are emotional scenes that would never convey the feelings they do if it weren’t for the expert hands of the artists (Dave Stewart, Joe Rivera, Paolo Rivera).


Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.:1955–Burning Season is a beautifully drawn and colored comic that, while the art says more than the story, is a great comic overall.

What's cooking?

Art - 100%
Story - 95%
Dialogue - 90%


It's lit!

A great story to read while wondering where little Billy is and why something smells like bacon.

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