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First Venom movie tease arrives, but no look at the big guy yet

Don’t expect to see him in all his glory just yet, but this tease of Sony’s Venom movie does have some interesting moments.


Honestly, I’m not disappointed in the least that we don’t actually see Venom in this trailer. It’s a tease for one, and you’re not supposed to see all the good stuff just yet. It’s way too early. Yes, Venom is coming to theaters this year, but it’s opening in October, not May. So I’ll stand by my earlier prediction that we’ll be seeing much more of what the main character will really look like come Comic Con in July. Hang in there Venom fans.

Even without the main anti-hero, there’s some cool stuff in here. Actor Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock strapped into that MRI machine looks like it’s leading to a symbiote takeover, and the scene of mass destruction looks right in line with what you might expect from a battle between two or more super-powered characters. I assume that’s the symbiote sloshing around in that containment vessel too, and it looks exactly like you’d expect.

There’s also that “murder” scene in the morgue. It doesn’t look like who ever’s under that sheet has all that much left to him/her. Could that be indicative of a certain blood-red killer? Maybe.

For now, sit tight and feel free to analyze the tease a couple hundred times. We’ll have more on Venom as it’s released.

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