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Xbox One X to be in short supply at launch

If you didn’t pre-order an Xbox One X and are looking to pick one up at launch, you might be in for a rude awakening. MCV is reporting that the console will be in very short supply.

A trickle of Xbox One X’

It’s a known quantity that new consoles are in short supply at launch. Sometimes that’s an intended and manufactured process (cough*Nintendo) and sometimes it legitimately happens. On occasion, consumer demand isn’t correctly judged, and sometimes the manufacturing process fails to get enough units out the door in time for launch. Bottom line: it happens.

In this case though, I think it’s safe to say that it’s more the former than the latter.

Industry site MCV spoke with a few trailers in the UK this week about the Xbox One X and its availability. What they found out, was that there aren’t a ton of them. In fact, when compared to the launch of the original Xbox One, there are only a fraction as many X’ heading to stores. According to the original story, this seems true for both “major retailers” and “indie” stores alike. So it’s apparently across the board. Making things even more challenging is that the demand is allegedly high. Yeah, you read that right.

I find that last bit unusual, and I’d wager Microsoft does too.

The software and hardware giant made no bones about the X being not exactly for everyone after all. The console is a beefed up Xbox One, and insanely powerful, but it plays the same games as the Xbox One (and S model), so there isn’t really a need to upgrade. Your average gamer, with an “average TV set” probably wouldn’t notice much a difference. Microsoft was targeting this release at those who want the latest and greatest, bar none. And, I guess, those who’ve sprung for a kick-butt TV. Apparently though, there are a lot more of those kinds of gamers than realized.

So will you be able to find an X at launch if you didn’t pre-order? Sounds like you will, though you won’t have all that easy of a time. The Xbox One X hits retail on November 7th.

You can read a ton more, including some great analysis, at the Source link below.

Source: MCV

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