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Geeks4Good Follow-Up Interview: Big Updates & First Live Event

For the last couple of months, Geeks4Good have been hard at work at making a difference as they reach their goals. This follow-up interview is jam-packed with updates so read on!

The Number Crunch

The charity for this season was Paws and Stripes, and Founder of Geeks4Good Miles Duffield says with excitement the total of money raised so far. “We have raised $2,311 and our next goal is $2,500.” In terms of donations, rewards, and followers Duffield says they doubled the amount but experienced a slow down on Patreon. “We are about to fix that with our first pledge drive.”

Note: As of July 7, 2017  Geeks4Good raised a total of $4,000 for Paws and Stripes.

Executive Producer of Geeks4Good Leah Caddigan was also ecstatic. “We plan on matching or exceeding that amount for our next charity. We have 900 Facebook likes now, and as of last night we broke 10,000 views on the Twitch Channel.”

In addition Geeks4Good has 569 followers on Twitch and over 20 subscribers.

The Process of Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

Geeks4Good recently became a Twitch Affiliate and Duffield explains the process and responsibilities. “In order to become an affiliate you have to stream a certain amount of content per week and also do a variety of content like in this example: A board game stream, a video game stream, and tabletop stream in one week,” he says.

“Our responsibilities are pretty simple. Every time you get 10,000 Bits Twitch sends out a check for 100 which is cool. It has not happened yet.”

Caddigan clarifies how “Bits” affect their channel.

”Bits numbers don’t seem to have any reputable pattern. When people feel like giving Bits, they give Bits. Sometimes someone will feel like getting top Bit donation and will buy more bits than the last guy (we’re at 3000 Bits for the top donation from HomebrewedDwarf, one of our patrons and regulars) but usually, it’s donations of between 100-500 Bits. What’s more exciting is our subscribers, which is something that just opened up for Twitch Affiliates like ourselves. We have over 20.”

“I still think Geeks4Good as a Twitch Affiliate is still a successful entity because 100 percent of our proceeds go to our charity,” says Caddigan.

The ultimate goal for Geeks4Good is to become a Twitch Partner. “We are a couple hundred viewers away to apply for a partnership. But you have to be an affiliate first before you can apply. Being a Twitch Partner takes the channel to a whole other level I think,” says Caddigan.

Geeks4Good Plays In-Person at The Way Station

On June 3, 2017, Geeks4Good had their first live event at the Way Station in Brooklyn New York. They played a four hour game of Dungeons and Dragons. Aside from a few trolls, it was a positive experience.

Courtesy of Geeks4Good

“It was a blast!” Exclaimed Duffield. We set up around 3 PM, played for about four hours and raised just over 100 bucks. It was really interesting to see it happen in-person, as an entourage of people come over to the stage waving their 20 dollar bill. Afterward, we had people asking us what we did, who we were and when was the next live event happening. It was so cool!”

Caddigan shared her feelings on the event. “It was really exciting to see how people were into tabletop RPGs. They were like ‘oh my god my source of entertainment is to watch you guys next week!’ We also had people who didn’t know what a tabletop thing was. So it was reaching out to the community which is a big part of what we do – we activate community.”

Courtesy of Geeks4Good

Caddigan mentioned they recently submitted an application to do a live panel at Pax Unplugged, a tabletop RPG convention in Philadelphia, hosted by Penny Arcade. “The more live events that we have under our belts and the Way Station seems receptive to having us back the stronger that application will look.”

While things went smoothly Geeks4Good did have their share of challenges.

“Right at the last minute the Wi-fi at the bar couldn’t support our live stream, so we had to do it just live, so I was a little scared as a producer that our internet audience isn’t going to see our bar audience and they just ate it up. They were a very captivated audience,” says Caddigan.

“The biggest lesson we learned is every time we try something, even if it doesn’t go the way we want it to we are supported by the people who are watching.”

Geeks4Good: Sneak Peeks & Updated Information

On June 30th and July 1st Geeks4Good held their first pledge drive. Caddigan gave an updated statement regarding this since the initial interview:

“We’re still technically in “pledge drive” mode this week, as we are not streaming content again until July 10th. During our very exciting 24-hour-stream, we managed to raise $1500 in one night to purchase ourselves a better streaming computer that will be able to handle anything we throw at it! Get ready for another bump up in production value from us!”

Their next charity is Child’s Play. Head on over to the website for more information, and to see how you can help.

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