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New Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer shows off more Vulture and Spidey-suit

Spider-Man: Homecoming is getting ever closer to release, and Marvel and Sony have released a fourth trailer showing even more of Vulture and the Spider-suit.

Does whatever a spider can… while in an Iron Man-lite suit

Yeah, yeah, I know that this ‘Tony Stark as a mentor’ thing is the direction that Marvel has taken with Spidey. And I know that they wanted something different this time around, and that’s why he’s in high school too. I still don’t dig it though.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll see the movie and I’ll probably like it. This just isn’t the Spider-Man that I know and grew up with. Too much tech for me too, though I have a feeling that he’ll be decidedly less ‘Iron’ by the end of the film.

That kind of has to happen eventually, since Tom Holland’s Spidey will eventually be existing in his own bubble at Sony. That’s alleged to happen post second Avengers flick appearance, in case you don’t know.

But even though there’s some stuff that I don’t like, I freaking love what they’re doing with Vulture. Updating the character in some great ways, Marvel has kept him in an older form as originally intended. It’s a great compromise, and one that I think Michael Keaton is going to do great things with.

Will Spidey’s latest reboot be the hit that the franchise needs to build on for years to come? Probably. Catch it when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July the 7th.

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