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New english trailer for Ever Oasis RPG streamed

More info has emerged on the upcoming 3DS RPG “Ever Oasis” thanks to a new trailer streamed by Nintendo.

The Facts

Released May 5, the trailer outlines several story and gameplay elements for studio Grezzo and acclaimed “Mana” series director Koichi Ishii’s upcoming title. Players take the role of a mystical being known as a seedling. Using their powers, they must maintain and defend their desert oasis from evil beings known as Chaos. They can also invest in their oasis’ shops, explore desert ruins and uncover the secrets of the world. The game will release June 23 in North America and July 13 in Japan.

Author’s Take

The game certainly carries the lighthearted style of Ishii’s past works and appears to take inspirations from games like Monster Hunter and Zelda. 3DS owners looking for new RPGs should definitely keep an eye on this upcoming title.


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