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Nioh DLC Dragon of the North drops May 2

The first batch of DLC for hack and slash RPG “Nioh” arrives tomorrow, bringing new challenges and quests for those looking to return to the game.

The facts

In a post to the Playstation Blog by Team Ninja Creative Director Tom Lee, details about “Nioh’s” first DLC pack were revealed. Set after the events of the game’s main story, “Dragon of the North” pits players against “The One-Eyed Dragon” Lord Masamune Date, a ruler from the Oshu Region. Rumors have spread that he is gathering spirit stones, giving rise to more supernatural conflict that the player must face.

The DLC will include new yokai enemies to fight as well as spirit guardians and equipment for players to collect. It will also include a new PvP option for those with Playstation Plus accounts.

“We hope you are up for the challenge and enjoy the Dragon of the North DLC,” Lee said. “Sharpen your blades and good luck!”

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