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Story Trailer Reveals New Characters For Injustice 2

Brainiac joins the cast of Injustice 2

The new story trailer for Injustice 2 reveals new characters. Brainiac, Bane, Poison Ivy and Robin all make an appearance in the new trailer. It is nice to see a few new characters, but this trailer will leave readers with more questions than answers about the story in Injustice 2.

Robin in Injustice 2
Robin joins the cast of Injustice 2.

This Is Not Your Regular Superman

In a multiverse far from here on another earth is a Superman who was pushed past his limits. The Joker killed 11 million people when he detonated a nuclear bomb over Metropolis. Lois Lane was one of the 11 million victims as was Superman’s unborn child. Devastated with grief, Superman confronts the Joker and in one brief meeting Superman loses his innocence. Superman ultimately decides that this earth would be better without the Joker. After Superman murders the Joker, he decides that in order for earth to flourish, he must become judge, jury and executioner. Superman’s decision does not sit well with the super heroes of this earth.

A resistance of super heroes is born. Led by Batman, this group’s goal is to to stop Superman and restore justice for all. Along the way, these heroes will stop Superman at any costs. In the end, Superman is defeated and sent to the Phantom Zone. It appears his stay though is not permanent. The trailer opens up with Superman in chains. Batman appears to lose his grip between serving justice and vigilantism. Not a lot was revealed in the trailer, but some exciting new characters will be making an appearance in Injustice 2.


What the trailer lacked in story, was made up by the character reveals. The first character is Robin. Batman is seen fighting Robin and the narrator makes the comment, “offspring will become adversaries.” It is probably safe to say that this earth’s Robin is Damian Wayne and he is also sporting a hoodie, just as he did in the Batman comics. Next up we see Bane grow bigger and stronger as he is injected with venom. A lot of rumors about the inclusion of Poison Ivy are finally confirmed as she is seen in the trailer doing plant stuff. Finally, the big reveal is the last character, Brainiac. Typically when Brainiac is involved, he is usually the main antagonist. Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments.

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