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Building is going to be a big part of Conan Exiles

Sure fighting will be a big part of Funcom’s Conan Exiles, but building some impressive settlements will be too.

“They say that home is where your heart is, but in ‘Conan Exiles’ home is where you keep the hearts of your enemies,” says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. “Building is a big part of ‘Conan Exiles’ and you will need to build smart and build strong in order to defend yourself from the environment, cannibals, monsters, and of course enemy players. We are working hard to make sure players have powerful tools to build and defend their kingdoms.”

A harsh world, made a little more comfy

I have to say, Conan Exiles is looking mighty nifty. The combat looks great, and so do the graphics and the impressive scope of the game’s world. There’ve been Conan titles before of course, but this one’s significantly different, and not only for the reason that you don’t actually play as the title barbarian.

The building mechanics are proof of that. I can’t think of any other Hyborean-set game that’s featured anything like it, and it looks super-cool. I love the description too, which really sounds like it’s almost going to be a must to have a settlement. Conan’s age is a brutal one after all, and a castle seems like it’d go a good long way towards keeping yourself breathing. In a virtual sense of course.

Even for someone who’s not an MMO guy, I like the way this one’s shaping up. Catch it on the PC via Early Access on the 31st of this month. That isn’t the only platform it’ll be raiding though, as the Xbox One Game Preview Program will get Exiles as well, in the Spring.

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