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Free Weekend for Overwatch On All Systems

Overwatch’s free weekend is a good time to give it a spin.

It’s hard to have missed out on the release of Overwatch. Blizzard’s competitive, team based shooter has taken the world by storm. It has gotten to the point where many believe that it is now directly competition with Team Fortress 2. However, many are doubtless still on the fence about it, due to the game being fairly expensive. For those people, Overwatch is now undergoing a free weekend.

The free weekend is extending to all platforms that Overwatch is available on. PS4, Xbox One and PC, although PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold are needed for the consoles. Directions for signing up for the free weekend can be found on the official Overwatch website. Once they are followed, the game can be easily downloaded and play.

There is one major restriction for the free weekend. Most of the game modes are available, but Arena, the game’s ranked mode, is not.  This is likely due to the fact that Arena is viciously competitive, and new players who may not have the game in a few days wouldn’t stand a chance. Players who are just there for this weekend would upset the balance of matches. Aside from that, all of Overwatch, every piece of gameplay and all of the characters, is available until Monday.

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