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NES Classic Suffering Short Supply

NES Classic is selling like hotcakes, under supplied hotcakes

The NES Classic is something most gamers would have heard about by now. Dozens of NES games, all of them packaged onto a sixty dollar console that fits in your hand. It’s proving to be quite a hot item, something no doubt helped by the holidays being around the corner. However, one downside to this is that anyone who may be looking to get their hands on one may have trouble. The NES Classic is selling out all over.

The console seems to be suffering from extremely limited demand. Amazon in particular has publicly stated that they did not have a very large stock. Although they have stated that they will be receiving more of them soon. Apparently the very same is happening with retail stores as well. Workers are reporting the NES Classic being sold out within hours, sometimes within days.

This isn’t exactly a first for Nintendo. Amibos and quite famously the Wii were under supplied and did not meet mass demand. Many fans are expressing their frustration with the company, and have review bombed the system on Amazon. All in all, this is proving to be an unpleasant situation for Nintendo. Time well tell how they respond to it.

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