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Become one with Titanfall 2’s launch trailer

Man and machine become one lethal duo in Titanfall 2.

Bang, bang

Well after passing on the original as fast as humanly possible, I have to admit I’m in for this one. The game looks great, and so far as pretty solid advance word of mouth. As of now, it’s sounding like everything that Titanfall one should have been.

Looking back, that’s an easy call to make. Though at the time, the original seemed destined for greatness. The themes and aesthetic were gold after all, and the hook (hopping into a mech) is one that’s pretty much always on the money in video game land. Thing was, Titanfall was multiplayer only, and that didn’t quite work out the way some thought.

The game was part of a short-lived craze that lasted a few years, and included the likes of Evolve and Star Wars Battlefront. Bottom line – the whole thing didn’t completely work. Not that multiplayer-centric games don’t have their place, they do. It’s just that, for triple-A releases what are expected to include both solo and multiplay, well the sub-genre came up short.

A Titanfall army of one

So it’s here in Titanfall 2 that we see a correction of course. Yes, there’s a multiplayer mode, but there’s also a full solo campaign. I hate to talk about that like it’s a plus, since it should have been there from the start, but it kind of is.

As I said, its inclusion got me interested, and I wasn’t too hot on the property. What about you though? Are you about-facing on Titanfall with this second chapter, or were you onboard from the start? Now that I mention it, are you the opposite of me, and upset with the change in course?

However you feel about the game, it lands on consoles and the PC this Friday, October 28th. So, you know, prepare for Titanfall and all that.

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