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Wanna play your original Xbox games on your Xbox One?

Halo perfected the console FPS formula and helped launch the Xbox

If you’ve been longing to play OG Xbox games again and don’t have your console anymore, you might be in luck. Microsoft says it’s a possibility that the Xbox One might get some more backwards compatibility.

Xbox games, in the classic style

The console that brought Microsoft into the gaming space, the Xbox was a pretty big hit with fans. Of course, it wasn’t the smash that the Xbox 360 was, but it had some excellent titles. It had some great graphics for the time period too.

Its successor, the 360, eventually got backwards compatibility with that original big black box of course. As to Microsoft’s current home console though, well there hasn’t been the slightest mention of it. Enter Phil Spencer. The head of everything Xbox, Spencer has just gone on record saying that the possibility of having original Xbox games playable on the Xbox One hasn’t been ruled out.

Now, don’t get too crazy and start digging up that box at the bottom of the closet. Nothing has been confirmed in any way whatsoever. In fact, this basically amounted to Spencer saying that he’d like to see it happen at some point. Still though, it does make you wonder.

It certainly didn’t seem like there was a chance for Xbox 360 compatibility, and yet that happened. So possibly, should enough gamers make enough noise at the though, there’s a chance that we’ll see this new expansion of back-compat come to pass.

What do you think? Is this something that you’d want to see? And if it did happen, what’d be the first game that you play?

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