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Fantasy Flight Games to Release Doom Board Game

The UAC and Hell square off in the world of board games

The most recent Doom game was a massive critical and commercial success, breathing fresh life into the franchise. No doubt as a followup of this newfound popularity, Fantasy Flight Games has announced a Doom board game.  A board game where players can take control of UAC marines, and the demons of Hell

Fantasy Flight Games is a long running company with a large amount of experience in the field of board games, pen and paper RPGs and card games. They have worked with a large amount of licenses in the past, including A Song of Ice and Fire, Warhammer 40,000 and Star Wars. This isn’t even their first Doom game, as they released one back in 2004. Although Fantasy Flight Games has promised that this one will be significantly different.

The game will be designed for 2-5 players. One player will play as the demons and the rest as marines. The goal of the marines will be to complete certain objectives, while the demons simply need to kill the marines. The marines will be able to respawn, but posses limited lives, something that the demons do not.

There will be a nature of escalation to the game. The demon player will not start with the strongest of hell’s warriors, but will slowly gain access to dealer ones. Likewise, the Marines start off with basic weapons but can acquire better ones via pickups. These mechanics do look to recreate the feeling of a Doom game. Charging forward against the hordes of Hell, gaining more powerful weapons as stronger enemies appear.

The Doom board game is due to be released in the fourth quarter of 2016

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  1. Sold. Much like with the Evil Dead II game on Kickstarter, I’ll have no one to play with, but I don’t care. WANT.

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