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SDCC 2016: Mezco’s One:12 gets even better

Mezco Toyz’ One:12 Collection had impressive stuff on had at SDCC. A certain DC Comics mega-baddie made an appearance, along with 4 ghost-busting gents.

Let me just say how much I freaking love this line. It’s difficult to not have Mego figures pop into your head with the One:12, but these are head snd shoulders above anything like that line. Both retro and as cutting edge as toys get these days, every figure produced seems to be a masterpiece.

Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters too

Already ensconced in both Marvel and DC characters, the series is expanding. Sure we already know about the Universal Monsters toys coming soon, and all the great Star Trek stuff, but how about Ghostbusters? Rumored and then announced not that long ago, we finally got a look at the fab four in person at SDCC. And man, let me tell you, they’re phenomenal.

As a long-time franchise fan, I’m stoked. I dig most of the stuff produced for GB, but the One:12’s are in a whole separate league. I’m gushing though, and there was a lot more to talk about… and see.

One of the best figures on display was DC’s uber-nasty, the New God known as Darkseid. Cast in a larger scale than standard One:12’s, Apokalypse’s ruler is mighty impressive. He should make a grand addition to the old toy shelf, especially since there aren’t all that many villains… yet.

On hand at Comic Con were the likes of Red Skull (two flavors), Joker (classic), and Reverse Flash. So if you’re waiting patiently for some baddies to be announced, your time is here. Enough chit-chat though, scroll on down for way more shots of the good stuff.

Try not to be impressed. I dare you.

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