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Berserk Dynasty Warriors to Have Western Release

The latest trials of the Black Swordsman are coming to the west.

Dynasty Warriors is a long running series that has had more than a few spin offs. The most recently announced one, however, Berserk (working title) is due to be one of the most unexpected. In the west, it is also proving to be one of the most highly anticipated. As of yesterday, the western release of the game was officially confirmed.

Berserk, the fantasy manga this game is based off of, is arguably one of the darkest manga ever penned. It is about a bleak world filled with unspeakable atrocities, horrible people and inhuman demons.

The main character, Guts, has been molded by the world and is a very cynical and brutal character. He is, however, exceptionally skilled at combat and surviving in this dangerous world. Early on in the story he single handily killed one-hundred mercenaries using only a two handed sword, and his achievements only grow from there. No doubt this was why the manga was chosen for a Dynasty Warriors game.

With this announcement, snippets of gameplay have been released. While there is not much at the moment, more information has been promised within the weeks to come. What is known now is that the game will start at the chronological beginning of the manga, Guts and most likely his friend eventually turned arch-enemy Griffith with be playable, and the game will be much bloodier than previous Dynasty Warrior games.

Berserk (working title) has no release date as of now. It will be available on PS4, PS Vita and PC.

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