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Pokemon Go Coming to a Phone Near You

UPDATE: Pokemon GO is now available for North America.

Following an exclusive closed-beta, the long anticipated Pokemon Go mobile game has begun to release. The game is currently only available in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. It is expected to be released in other territories soon after.

The game centers around Pokemon’s age-old premise of catching them all. Players can look forward to exploring the real life locations to find and battle Pokemon. The Niantic-developed title uses geo-tagging and augmented-reality to enable its gameplay.

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Gameplay revolves around collecting Pokemon from the original 151 and controlling Pokemon Gyms. Real-world locations are home to these gyms. For example, players would be able to find gyms at local landmarks like libraries and parks. Players align themselves with different teams and battle for control of these Gyms. Gyms can be staffed by members of the controlling faction. Players can choose to leave one of their Pokemon at a friendly Gym to help protect it from attackers. Equally important, players strengthen their Pokemon at one of these Gyms.

Battling between Pokemon will be easy for returning Pokemon players to get into. In the same fashion, it will also be easy for newcomers to pick up. However, the game forgoes the traditional turn-based battles in favor of more action-based tap and slide mechanics.

References to the main Pokemon series are abundant. Fans will recognize the typing of the Pokemon and many of the tools they’ll be making use of. Pokeballs, potions, and other items make a return. Furthermore, mechanics like hatching Pokemon eggs will be present in the game.


Pokemon Go is free-to-play and offers in-game items for purchase. Moreover, players can pick up a Bluetooth-enabled accessory to enhance their experience. You can pre-order the Pokemon Go Plus here!

Are you enjoying the Pokemon hype? Will this hold you over until Pokemon Sun and Moon? Have you checked out the newest additions to the Pokemon family? Let us know in the comments below!



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