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Jonathan Blow’s The Witness finally dated, coming early 2016

One of the more impressive looking indie games seen around the PS4’s initial announcement, The Witness is finally heading to the PSN.

I’m still not really sure what The Witness is all about, but it looks pretty nice. Then again, knowing the Jonathan Blow is behind it, there’s probably a pretty deep meaning to the things in that trailer, something that you really couldn’t hope to grasp just by watching a few minutes of video.

If you’re not familiar with the name by the way, Blow made the hit game Braid, which certainly had some depth to it in terms of narrative and gameplay both. As for The Witness here, it was meant to hit in the months surrounding the PS4’s release, but Blow and his Thekla game studio just kept on adding to it.

He shared a few details with the PS Blog recently, and revealed that the developer had worked so much extra content into the game that it ballooned up from an 8 to 10 hour adventure, to an 80 to 100 hour one (to completely explore). Yeah that’s… that’s just massive.

So the bottom line is that you’ll probably be putting a lot of time into this one when it does finally arrive for the PS4 and PC. And so it’s a good thing that the new release date is January 26th, 2016. Just after the Holiday crush, and in a season that should give you plenty of indoors time to fully explore what Blow and Thekla havecrafted.

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