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Blood Bowl II trailer pits Orcs against High Elves

Two of the best loved races from the Warhammer universe battle each other on the gridiron of Blood Bowl II in this new trailer.

Orc teams are very well protected, with a high average armour value. The reasonable cost of their players and the strength of their Blitzers and Black Orcs allow for really offensive tactics. A little bit less versatile than Humans, Orcs still offer a certain variety in their game that is not given to other equally strong races.

Having access to almost unlimited funds, High Elves can afford to have better armour than other teams. They can also count on their ability to play a superb aerial game, thanks to their first class passers and catchers. First they distract their opponents by luring them to one part of the pitch, and then they throw the ball to the opposite side of the field, laughing all the way they score touch down after touch down.

Eating your teammates doesn’t seem like something that’s conducive to winning. Then again, this is the Orkish horde that we’re talking about and they seemed to do just fine there, scoring on the Elvish team. Chewing down on goblins mid-game or not though, Blood Bowl II looks pretty sharp and is rapidly heading for it’s opening day tomorrow, September 22nd.

Even though it’s a day away though, remember that you can still pre-order to get access to platform-specific teams (or both of them if you’re a PC gamer). So if you’re ready to dive into another season of Blood Bowl anyway, you might want to go ahead and pre-plunk down that cash.

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