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Go monochrome and harken back to a simpler time with Rogue Invader

Black and white graphics highlight Rogue Invader, a new indie shooter that’s meant to recall the glory days of the earliest Mac gaming.

The Mac App Store might be loaded for bear with games of all kinds now, but that wasn’t the case once upon a time. And that first wave of titles for the platform is what Rogue Invader is meant to remind gamers of. Truth be told, I didn’t play games on a Mac back then, and it kind of reminds me of a lot of action titles that hit the GameBoy,, so either way really.

As you can see, while the aesthetics are simple in form, they’re definitely not ugly and have a pretty awesome sense of style. Developer Squishy Games is promising a strategic level to the combat here too, so it seems like the game won’t be a simple side-scrolling shooter.

The story is a familiar one though, and features a lone emissary sent on a dangerous mission. You play as a member of the First Fleet who’s been sent to secure peace and end the Zeno War, “an interstellar conflict that has resulted in countless casualties”.

Rogue Invader is currently posted to Kickstarter (find out more here), but Squishy is set on completing the title and bringing it to market with or without funding, which is kind of rare to be honest. Stay tuned, we’ll have more on this super-retro title as it’s released.

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