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Vote to Play for PS Plus Starts Today

Today the polls open for PlayStation’s Vote to Play! PS Plus members head on over to the PS Store, go to the PS Plus section, and vote for which game you’d like to see added to next month’s free game line-up. Voting has started and will continue until 8/24 at 8:30 AM PDT. There are some awesome games to choose from, so let’s run down the list!


Like fantasy? RPGs? Tabletop games? Yes, yes, and more yes! Then Armello is for you! Combining tactical card play with tabletop board set-up and skill-building RPG elements, Armello is a magical and fun journey into a different realm. Battle monsters and scheme against players while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: storming the castle to become the next King or Queen of Armello

Grow Home

Controlling BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), you must save the droid’s home planet by reaching the Star Planet. BUD can manipulate the world around him by growing planets to connect to the various strange floating islands and caves, but be careful as you climb back to your ship! It’s a long way back down to the planet. Will you be able to help save BUD’s planet and grow home?

Zombie Vikings

Who doesn’t like co-op, zombies, and vikings?! 4 player co-op game filled with stabby, hacking fun. A brawler that doesn’t hold back on humor or battles, Zombie Vikings looks to be good bloody fun. With 30 levels to play through, you and your friends will bond over new carnage and destruction.

Head on over to the PlayStation Store and vote! Remember, if the game you want doesn’t win, it will go on sale for a limited time. I’m excited for all these games and still trying to figure out which one to vote for. Which game are you voting for? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at me! @lmrome3

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