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Act of Aggression’s Super Weapons pack a mean punch

Check out the Super Weapons of the three factions in Eugen Systems’ newest RTS Act of Aggression with this explosive trailer.

Making things go ‘boom’ on an epic scale is one of the niceties of playing an RTS, and it looks like that’s a fact that Act of Aggression understands completely. As explosions go, those three all provide pretty nifty ones too, so fans of pyrotechnics should he ample fun with what Eugen is cooking up with the game, whose release isn’t very far off now at all.

A throwback to a simpler (and better) time for real-time Strategy affairs, Act of Aggression is looking like a winner, with an old school military feel, and three pretty different factions to play as and against. Of course, not everything has a classic feel in the game either, as you’ll find some sharp graphics and an economy system that seems like it’ll infuse some new life in a genre that hasn’t had a lot of innovation over the last few decades.

There’ll be more on this one at Gamescom in a few days, and we’ll have it right here for you as it’s released, so stay tuned. Act of Aggression hits the PC on September 2nd and is pre-orderable right now via Steam. Coincidently, a pre-order on Valve’s online storefront also nabs you an early play with the game. It’s not the full experience, but it’s honestly pretty darn close, so you might want to think about that if ‘mass destruction’ are words that feature prominently in your vocabulary.

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