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Have a detailed look at the new Wolverine MEGO-style figure from DST

The whole line, as it exists right now, is shown off in this new video, which means you’ll get a first-time look at Wolverine as well.

If you remember MEGO figures, then you’re probably already sold on mall of these, but if you don’t then all you really need to know is that the MEGO line was like Marvel Legends mixed with DC Universe Classics, but with interchangeable outfits and accessories. Yes, it was that cool. And while some of the older sculpts (which you can see recreated in the new line) are dated in appearance, then really do have a fantastic retro look to them.

This new line from DST and EMCE Toys, includes Marvel Comics characters only, and man does it do a great job with them. Offering not just one, but a trio of looks for each character in every box set, the series is so far three deep, and al three of those figures are worth a look for the discerning Marvellite.

We’ve seen Cap and Spidey before, but here in this video we finally get to see a detailed look at Wolverine and see what Logan will be packed with as he makes his debut. Interestingly enough too, while Wolverine was already super-popular in the MEGO days, he didn’t have an action figure. He wouldn’t get one till the mid-80s and Toy Biz’ amazing line of Marvel figures (spring-loaded claws FTW), so EMCE actually had to come up with a new design, based on an old line of toys. Pretty cool really.

Wolverine, like the rest of the line, is limited to 3000 pieces and can be ordered right now at your local comics shop. Next up in the line will be Thor, and while there’s no date as of yet for the God of Thunder, we’ll have some pics and info as soon as they’re available.

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