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Until Dawn Coming Exclusively to PS4 August 25th

Who will you let survive Until Dawn?

Supermassive Games’ upcoming adventure survival horror game officially got a release date, August 25th. Beautifully terrifying, Until Dawn follows a group of young adults spending the night at a cabin the woods on the anniversary of their friend’s death. Unbeknownst to them, a serial killer is hunting them down.

Using a mechanic called “The Butterfly Effect”, decisions made by the player early in the game may have major unforeseen consequences later in the game. Right and wrong quickly become nuanced concepts as the player has to make morally charged choices that sometimes includes choosing who lives and who dies. Even small choices become emotional charged and you may find yourself gripped by indecision.

Until Dawn is a powerhouse of voice acting, beautiful graphics, and thrilling story. Be prepared to stay on the edge of your seat and sanity.

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