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Dark Horse brings new Game of Thrones figures for Autumn

Four new Game of Thrones figures are heading to retail this Fall, to compliment the four seeing release any day now.

Remembrances of characters dead and gone, are what most of the figures announced kind of are, as GoT has a penchant for killing off… pretty much everyone in both the books and the TV show. And while the latter is quickly forging its own narrative, separate from the novels that birthed it, it’s still plenty popular in its own right, and one of those shows that fans make a point of never missing.

And with that in mind, Dark Horse has a fresh series of four of their ultra-detailed figures that are headed to shelves any day now, including:

  • Tywin Lannister, former Hand of the King and head of House Lannister and Lord of Casterly Rock, was one of the most powerful lords in Westeros.
  • Joffrey Baratheon, former King of Westeros before his untimely murder at his wedding, was over-indulged and cowardly. He exhibited a cruel streak toward the vulnerable.
  • Petyr (“Littlefinger”) Baelish, the eyes and ears of King’s Landing, left his role as master of coin in the Small Council to secure the Vale by marrying Lysa Arryn.
  • Hodor and Bran are practically inseparable since Bran was pushed from a tower in Winterfell and lost the ability to walk. In this figure, Hodor carries Bran Stark on his back, immortalizing the close bond the two characters share. This special “double figure” is larger than others in the line, measuring a Hodor-sized nine inches, including the base.

And past them, there’s another set of four on the way for this Autumn, when GoT withdrawal will be at its height as the new season won’t start up till the following year. Those figures will include some of the most popular characters from the show, including:

  • Sansa Stark, the oldest Stark daughter, fled King’s Landing to the Eyrie with Littlefinger’s assistance after Joffrey’s murder and now travels alongside him. The figure measures 7.75” in height.  The fine detailing of her black and midnight blue dress is exactly as seen in the HBO series.
  • Jorah Mormont, an exiled Northern lord, originally joined Daenerys’s company as a spy on behalf of King Robert, but ultimately became committed to her cause. He followed Daenerys, providing counsel, but was banished when she learned of his betrayal. The Jorah figure measures 7.85” in height, with the paint application reproducing the nuances of his likeness and costume.
  • Sandor Clegane, the former Kingsguard better-known as The Hound, abandoned King Joffrey and his post during the Battle of Blackwater. After encountering Ayra Stark at the Riverlands, he held her captive while travelling to the Eeyrie in hopes of collecting a ransom.   The Hound’s formidable proportions are reflected in this 8.4” figure. He is shown wearing his signature helmet, which is hinged so that it opens and closes.
  • Brienne of Tarth, warrior of House Tarth and vassal to House Baratheon, is a skilled fighter. After serving as the Kingsguard for Renly Baratheon and the sworn sword of Catelyn Stark, she bonds with Jaime Lannister while escorting him back to King’s Landing, where  he gives her a new suit of armor and a Valyrian steel sword reforged from Eddard Stark’s great sword, Ice. This armor is reproduced on our 8” tall figure, with all the impeccable details accounted for.

Each figure is detailed to the hilt, and as accurate as can be, to his or her character on the HBO TV show. While you won’t find any articulation here, you will find some of the best-;looking representations of the GoT cast you’ll ever get to display on your desktop or library shelf. Each figure runs $24.99-$39.99 USD a piece.

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