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Xbox Live Games with Gold for March announced

The Xbox Games with Gold for March have been announced. The free games will be available for download starting March 1.

For Xbox One owners will receive the popular platformer Rayman Legends. The Glade of Dreams is in dire trouble again and only Rayman with the help of his friends can save the day. So get ready for all the zany adventures with this wacky team as they try save the Teensies! In case gamers missed #IDAR, it will continue to be the other free game for the month of March.

Xbox 360 owners will receive Tomb Raider starting March 1 through March 15. The gritty reboot of Tomb Raider met the high expectations of a new era of Tomb Raider. Join Laura Croft on her first adventure on a dangerous island. After surviving a shipwreck, Laura must find her friends and find a way off the island. Then starting March 16 through March 31, Bioshock Infinite will be available for download.


Help Laura Croft find her friends and escape the mysterious island.

Become Booker DeWitt in the latest installment in the Bioshock series. Set in the sky above the clouds, Columbia is full of interesting encounters and tales. DeWitt is a lost man on a last chance and he has one mission, find the mysterious Elizabeth. Together they must find out who is hunting Elizabeth and while unraveling the mysterious surrounding Columbia.

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