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Garth Ennis tells a pulpy tale of monsters and flying aces in Marvel’s Where Monsters Dwell

The latest announced Secret Wars crossover, Where Monsters Dwell is set to be a five-part series from writer Garth Ennis. Warning: this one’s going to be weird.

“In a book like this, the sky is the limit,”  exclaims Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “But it’s going to be crazy! One of the coolest things about Secret Wars is the door it opens to stories of all kinds. WHERE MONSTERS DWELL fits square in the middle of the Secret Wars pocket, but it approaches at a very Ennis-ian angle.”

Dogfights! Dinosaurs! Dames! Danger! This book has it all! Enter the Valley of Flame, Battleworld’s home to the deadliest creatures prehistory has to offer. Stranded amidst its Pterodactyl-filled skies? Karl Kaufman, the high-flying aerial ace known as the Phantom Eagle!

Expanding on working with Ennis, Lowe added, “Garth is the best all-around writer in comics, period. His stories are perfectly paced, his characters are three-dimensional, horrifying, hilarious and come alive on the page and he crushes you with cliffhangers better than anyone.”

Marooned in the Valley of Flame alongside socialite Clementine Franklin-Cox, he’ll face down dinosaurs, cannibals, and the worst that Battleworld has to offer from inside the cockpit of his biplane. Fighter planes and prehistoric creatures collide this May in a raucous tale of the Phantom Eagle as Garth Ennis and Russ Braun dare you to enter WHERE MONSTERS DWELL!

Just the kind of oddity that something like Secret Wars and the Battleworld could offer, Where Monsters Dwell kind of harkens back to a time when comics weren’t all superheroes and sci-fi, but a good deal pulp and weirdness as well. Ennis is a more than accomplished writer as well, especially with the off-kilter and weird.

He wrote Preacher and Hellblazer for Vertigo (among others) for years before moving onto Marvel’s Punisher series and can really work well in either the more grounded themes of the latter or the mystic weirdness of the former. To see him taking on something like Where Monsters Dwell is just too cool as it’s kind of a mashup of both the rational and the highly-strange. That it’s a part of Battleworld is interesting as well, as we might be seeing some of Marvel’s heroic cadre appear here and there before the five-issue run concludes.

This one’s going to be interesting; Where Monsters Dwell #1 hits stands this May from Ennis and artist Russ Braun.

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