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1010! (iOS) Review

Available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets this game takes a ridiculously simple concept and implements it in a way in which you will be hooked.

The game by Gram Games takes the concepts of tetris, columns, bubble blaster and the likes to really create an engaging puzzle game.  Taken from there website “1010!(ten-ten) is an easy to learn, fun to master addictive minimalistic puzzle game”.  Minimalistic is right on point here, there are no fancy graphics and no fancy gameplay gimmicks, Gram Games have simply crafted a really, really good game which has stuck to there ethos, and created something that is so simple and yet so addictive to play. With no time limit you simply have to fill the grid with the blocks to make a 10-block line, in either direction.

Tapping the screen is done with precision and you can see where you will be placing the blocks, as you begin to fill the grid the game gets more and more frantic as you are only ever given 4 combinations of blocks at a time, this makes for some risky moves as you place a block, hoping that the next set of blocks you receive will allow you to pull off a board clearing play, however this is normally not the case and I found my self cursing and panicking as my grid filled more and more until it came completely helpless.

Final Thoughts

Considering there are a lot of games similar to this on both App stores I feel like this is truly one of the best ones, its simple, yet mesmerising to play and you will find yourself playing this whenever you have 10 – 15 minutes spare. You have been warned you will get addicted to this game.

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